Loan Guide

If you need a loan, you need to be sure you’ve found the best option. Find here unbiased advice to help you make the best decision.

Finding the right loan can seem like a difficult task with so many options available and so many financial terms to understand. Here we will explain the main features to compare.

Loan Type

First of all, you need to choose the type of loan according to your needs. There are different products on the market designed for different needs. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Personal loans

Also called free availability loans, they are used for whatever purposes the user deems convenient (vacations, purchase of appliances, payment of other debts, etc.). Because they are loans that are not secured by a pledge (for the object to be purchased), they charge more interest than other types of loans.

Mortgage loans

These loans are intended for the purchase of a property (land, house, apartment, etc.). If you want more information about mortgage loans, we have a special section on mortgages.

Vehicle loans

As the name implies, these loans are designed to purchase a vehicle, whether it is new or used.

Business Loans

If you have a business and need a loan for a project or to be used as working capital, financial institutions offer products specially dedicated to large, medium, small and micro businesses. On comparabien you can find loans dedicated to SMEs.

Student loans

These loans are used to pay for higher or post-graduate studies.


This is the rate you have to pay for your loan. This rate is paid monthly in your repayment installment. The APR is the main component of the cost of a loan, so it is important to pay attention to it.


You also have to pay attention to the maintenance and postage costs (sending documents), as these are paid monthly and can represent an important difference between one product and another.


Personal loans generally include a credit life insurance that protects you in case of disability or death (the loan is completely cancelled in this eventuality). The premium for this insurance is paid monthly as part of your monthly payment.

Other types of loans, such as vehicle loans, include additional insurance on the property being purchased to protect it from damage, loss and theft for the duration of the loan.